Monday, August 25, 2008

Why those statistics on the left are not "for reals"

I think we all know that John is a bit of a jerk. This time, however, he doesn't mean to be. See, Blogger blogs are blocked at work, and, well, he likes to check things out while he is at work. This presents a problem. He can

  1. Wait until he gets home, like a good boy
  2. Bounce the request off of a series of untraceable requests until it randomly leaves a cycle of requests and hits the blog
. I think we all know which one he chose.

So, when you see a really exotic place of origin, there are two possibilities. Either somebody from a distant land stumbled upon our blog . . . heck, said person might be pregnant, had been thinking about adoption, and after reading our blog decided to visit America just so that we can parent her child. Or, it is me, just checking things -- I have no way to control where my visits are routed through. I'll continue hoping that we're getting visits from mysterious places - it makes me feel a little more exotic.

1 comment:

James said...

Hmm, and in my quick glancing at it previously I just thought it was a medal count for the Olympics :-)