Sunday, August 3, 2008

For Our Clamouring Fans

So it has been a while, and I have people asking. Apparently, our next blog entry is an anticipated event, up there with the next Harry Potter book, I am sure.
We had a great time at the beach. It was nice to have everyone who was there together for a week. It was especially nice to see John get to relax and not work ANY job for a whole seven days. Well maybe six. I think he might have sneaked in some email on a borrowed iPhone. Soon we won't have to borrow. We ordered two new iPhone 3Gs today. They should arrive in two to three weeks. I think the accessories we ordered online will get here before the phones do.
Let's see.... we had a busy and eventful weekend due to the fact that GUESSICA GOT MARRIED. The wedding was a lot of fun. I don't look half bad in yellow, and John starts my heart aflutter in a tux. Except when he dances. The flutter is somewhere else. Like in my funny bone. But he does it with gusto (and usually some liquid courage), so more power to him. Dancing like YouTube doesn't exist, people!
Obviously there has been nothing on the baby front, otherwise, well, this entry would have started differently. My pipe dream of being matched before school starts is slowly fading. It was a long LONG shot anyway. So now I am frantically trying to finish painting before the education of future generations starts to take priority. When I finish the bathrooms, I promise a guided tour of the improvements.
In the meantime, enjoy this picture of the adorable sweater our friend, Cat, made, yes, made for the pending Batzer.

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The Benners (mostly Nikki) said...

I'd hope it was for the impending Batzer... I know you're short, but not that short!