Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bra Strap Mojo A GoGo

Round 3, I believe.

There was a little girl born yesterday, two weeks premature. Our SW had to call to see if we wanted to be considered, because the mother had two winecoolers before she knew she was pregnant, and a couple glasses of wine on the 4th of July. The mother was due at the end of the month but went to the hospital with a fever where they induced. We should have a decision one way or the other by tomorrow. Baby is healthy though they have her under observation because of the mom's fever and being a little premature. Only other info we have is that, sadly, the father is deceased. He lived in north Philly and was shot.

The nursery was finished yesterday. We are on day 6 of the Blessed Bra. I was supposed to be in school today getting my classroom set up. They waxed the floors. I couldn't get to my room. I ended up helping out a couple of other teachers.

I can't decide if the timing is too right or just right.

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