Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Evening

So when these things come up, I give myself one evening/day to be miserable and self indulgent. The best thing is to get on with things. After John told me about his phone call with M, the other SW in our office (Who called at 9 PM which I was impressed with, thanks, M!), I laid on the couch and sulked. I called my mom and sulked and whined. I called my sister and sulked and whined some more. Then I made my lazy, grumpy butt get up and fold laundry. Then I decided I should at least pretend to do the reading for my class this weekend. There is a quiz after all. Then life takes over. Routine can be theraputic.
So today, while I am still sighing over being just Waiting again as opposed to WAITING, I am back to being more positive and knowing that each day is closer to an adoption even if that is two years away. They do happen. I know that. On the list serves there is a match at least once a week or two. But self indulgance in gloom can be healthy for short stints.
So we thought that the plane was finally going to take off. Turns out it just taxied to another runway.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to Just Waiting

The twins.... an aunt stepped in and has taken the twins.
At this point I was ready for a negative for us, but really hoping that an adoption would take place. Of the four situations we have been notified about, not one has ended with an adoption.
So while I am not vastly disappointed because of this specific situation, I am really frustrated in the fact that it doesn't seem that adoptions are real. This is especially hard to deal with as both John and I have had this weird feeling that something is just around the corner. Maybe it was just the situation with the twins. I don't know.
I do know that I hate my stupid uterus at moments like these.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

And the twins story continues

I believe the line is "and the story continues..."

Turns out that Saturday was false labor. Right now, the birthmother is still considering adoption and still looking through profiles. We are not discounted yet - but that's all I know.

News will be posted as warranted.

The Story of the Twins

So, our apologies for not posting this earlier -- the phone call came at a very odd time (a time when there was absolutely no way for me to get onto the internet), and the following events have had my mind running a million miles a minute, meaning that slowing things down enough to blog about it wasn't a possibility.

On Saturday, my phone rang it's special ring (Who Needs Sleep? by the Barenaked Ladies) and I rushed to answer. S, the social worker, was on the line and had a situation to talk over.

Now, I need to mention that there are limited cases where S would actually call us -- most of the time, should our profile match the mother's, we'll just be shown, and should our profile NOT match the mother's, our profile will not be shown. It is only in instances where our profiles MOSTLY match and the difference between the match/non-match is a minute detail that we'd get a phone call. For instance, we'd get a phone call if a mother mentioned that she had a drink or two during the entire course of the pregnancy, but not if she mentioned that she drank more than that.

So, S is on the phone and mentions that a mother was soon to be going into labor in Philadelphia, expecting twin girls (twins were not something that we had as a "maybe" -- we said multiples were fine). She happened, however, to be in jail -- a cop had witnessed her throwing a bleach solution at an ex-boyfriend (jail or violent offenses do no preclude us from wanting a child . . . in fact, if somebody is in jail, you know where they are, what they're eating, and it's a lot harder to get drugs). Well, we had agreed to help with housing and medical costs for the birthmother -- to the tune of $500, should such costs be incurred. This situation looked like it might require $1,000 of extra assistance. I immediately said that I would increase that for this situation.

However, there were even more situations. Typically, our agency operates alone with an adoption . . . not so here. S was aware of at least three couples from our agency - but possibly as many as 13 from other social worker agencies.

I just got off the phone with Adoption from the Heart -- S is in court today, but it sounds like the children were placed elsewhere. When it's our time, it'll be our time.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Adding to John's last observation

John's is a good analogue. I just wanted to add that having a person to travel with can make all the difference. There is that moment when just the last thing has gone wrong, and it seems like it doesn't matter what is at the end. There is no end in sight. You will be sitting in this airport until The End Times. And you look at the person you are travelling with, and one of two things is going to happen. You are either going to start taking it out on each other, or explode in laughter that will eventually settle you down to reality.
Happily, and I am sure this is no surprise to anyone, John and I always seem to be able to do the latter.
So after every crisis moment, we settle back to watch a poorly edited movie and wait for our non-nut related snack which now costs $10.50.