Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So here it is! The profile that will hopefully attract a birthparent or parents quickly. No, that's not the right attitude. It is the profile that will attract the right birthparent(s) at the right time. Not many people get to see their hopes and dreams in paper form. I have to say that I worked really hard on it for the last two days, and I am pretty proud. I think it does a good job representing who we are in a very readable way. We look forward to feedback from everyone, even if you have something you think might make it better.
This is really happening!


Sam said...

Yeesh, talk about "leaving everything on the table."

Interviewee: Hi, thanks for taking the time to consider me.

Boss: Sure. I'd like you to start by summarizing your entire life in two pages for me.

Talk about courage, folks! Good luck; I'd hire you.


Barbara Batzer said...

I know our Lord will select the best one for the two of you, and all of us. I love your PROFILE.
Love, "NANNY"