Friday, May 16, 2008


Apparently, I haven't been sharing somethings with my husbands. Before I started our profile that will be given to potential birthmoms, I did some reading. The general idea is to be yourselves and not try to appeal to the masses. You don't want to appeal to the masses, you want to appeal to one specific person. We want the person who will laugh at our dorky Dr. Evil and Mini Me costumes. We want the person who thinks going camping and hiking with friends a couple of times a year is cool. Our birthparent(s) would not be shied off by a big Greek family or New Jersey Wasps (I kid! Don't yell at me!)
Namely, it is the same thing as filling out a good personal ad. Be yourself. It worked for me last time.
I am off to do the preliminary cleaning, so I won't take as much crap from my beloved, talented sister. Seriously, people, when Alex cleans your house, it's like a new place. It makes my house feel bigger. She should have a show on TLC or HGTV.

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Barbara Batzer said...

We do need more then love, we need prayer. With love and prayers, MOM