Monday, May 12, 2008

Of Flooring and Baby Gifts

So we picked out flooring last Thursday evening. There were a few needs here (all of these were features of the house as we bought it . . . none of them were our idea):

  • All of our bathrooms are carpeted and carpet doesn't make for the best flooring material anywhere that water is involved
  • The nursery was known as the "pink room", where the floor was an electric pink shag carpet
  • We have three dogs and a large person who don't always wipe their feet when coming in from the mud, and the upstairs hallway is Berber carpet, which likes to keep dirt hidden within its little folds

While we would really like to remove all of the wall-to-wall carpet in the house, finances don't really allow that at this time - so we are re-doing the floors mentioned above. In the nursery, we're having a pale maple-looking laminate floor installed, which should compliment the yellow walls & ceiling nicely. In the hallway, we're installing a laminate that closely resembles the downstairs hallway. In the master bathroom, a blue tile floor. In the guest bathroom, a green tile floor. And, in the downstairs half-bath, Duffy gets a purple tile floor. Work should begin in a month or so (after the materials arrive), and should be done a week or two later. We are quite excited.

So, after dual Mother's Day dinners (Outback Steakhouse with my mom, and then Amy's Thai Cuisine with Viki), Alex came over to show off her gift for us - a little onesie (is that how they're spelled?) with "Mom needs chocolate" on it. The funny thing is that Alex didn't really realize any racial connection to that until she actually was showing us. Hee. Speaking of Alex, though, she's coming over to do her magic on our house sometime this week, meaning that I need to get my butt in gear and clean up some stuff. I'm realizing right now that we didn't take any before & after photos of any of the remodeling . . . maybe it might make sense to do so for my messes. :-)


Duffy Batzer said...

I don't really want memories of that carpet, though Sade wants a piece of the pink carpet. I will have to spend the summer painting bathrooms.
The onesie is very cute. It might have to be a coming home outfit.
I still have to clean up the study, so I have a mess too!

tinfoilhat said...

As you rip out your wall to wall carpet please consider some advice from someone with lots of hardwood and two small children. Lack of carpet is loud. Plastic toys dumped from a height of 3 feet (because kids always hold the bin over their head to dump it) onto a hardwood floor sounds like the whole house is crashing down. You may want to consider carpet in whatever room your kiddo is going to play in the most. I have often considered padding the floors and walls of my kids' playroom for my sanity. My other suggestion would be to bolt all toys to the floor (although that is somewhat impractical).
Tom also mentions that small feet in socks on wood usually leads to head injuries. Or, in Josh's case, face injuries (the kid has an uncanny knack from smashing his nose). Grippy socks are recommended.
Are you doing the install yourself? Just wondering.

John said...

Thanks for the advice, Maggie! We are putting the extra sound-proof padding under the laminate flooring, and there will be carpet in this room (just not wall-to-wall carpet). So, hopefully things won't be too loud or slippery.

The professionals will be handling all of the installation. I'm just a little more confident having them handle this -- especially since we're dealing with room connections and stuff like that.