Monday, September 1, 2008

Look at Me, Look at Me!

I am not sure how many of you ever check in at my other blog, but I went out a scenic bike ride today with my iPhone and took at few pictures. If you're not a regular reader, check out: My Cycling Blog for the details, and check in every now and then to see what I'm up to, as I decide on important things like:

  1. Whether or not I should get a tattoo
  2. If my 20 mile commute, and the possibility of future long-term rides, really warrants a dedicated "commuter bicycle"
  3. How I plan on dealing with the cold mornings.

Anyway - you don't have to go there . . . but I figured you all might like to know that the info is out there, should you be bored and want to read something else.

1 comment:

Barbara Batzer said...

I thought I would see pictures of you riding the bike. I would love to see your full sleeve tatoos!!! Think what would your grandfather say?