Thursday, August 6, 2009

Update but not THE UPDATE

Hi Everyone, still no sign of labor! The doctor will induce on the 13th if the baby hasn't decided to start things himself. Our agency SWs have worked with the hospital SW, so we have a room for us and the baby. They give it the fancy name of nesting room. The plan is that we will be given care of the baby as soon as possible after birth. Seriously, so far this has been a wonderful situation with all parties involved. We feel well cared for and feel that the birthmom and baby are getting everything they need as well. Keep your eyes on the blog and facebook for the quickest updates.


Becky and Paul said...

Just think, an induction will allow you to be there the WHOLE time! Within the week!!

Gretchen said...

Thank for an update, daily, hourly checking on progress...we'll be praying THE update is sooner rather than later!!