Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Could Have Been My Due Date

Here is a secret hope of potential adoptive parents. At least this potential adoptive parent. You can get a kid in less than nine months. It's one thing we have over all of you breeders.
Well, today was nine months to the day that we went on the waiting list with AFTH.
Anyway, moving on.
First, Zoe for Life. Yeah, remember them? The Orthodox organization that works with women in crisis pregnancies? The one we sent info to in December and never heard anything? Then I finally called in January and was told that we had to be approved by some committee? Right. I knew you all remembered. Well, I finally heard from a very nice overworked lady. Apparently we have been in their adoption book since we sent the stuff in December.
Right. Good, I guess?
Moving on.
We talked with our Adoption Specialist, hence forth known as J, from American Adoptions,today. She did a review of our Adoptive Parent Questionnaire, hence forth, the APQ. This is the document used to match us with potential birthmoms. She feels that we have a good level of openness that will give us a high level of exposure. Yes, I assure you this is an adoption and not our latest advertising campaign. Wait, on second thought....
That is EXACTLY what it is.
American has a template for the profile. We had to send them text and a lot of pictures, including at least 8 to 10 of us as a couple. That was hard. We are always the ones taking pictures. Anyway, the graphic design company should be sending us a copy early next week. J will make some revision suggestions, and we will send any changes. We should be ready to go active in two to three weeks.
American is also not opposed to giving wait time estimates.
J said the stastics show that we should be matched within three months.
There would have been no question mark nine months ago.


Stefani said...

fingers crossed for jake's birthday ;)

Barbara Batzer said...
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Barbara Batzer said...

there are still 19 days left to March. Love you.