Friday, March 20, 2009

And that day is now

For the faithful were patient -- and were at last rewarded

-- Not a Bible passage, but it's been running through John's head

Just got a phone call from Adoption from the Heart. Duffy & I are going to be parents! Details are still scarce, and our brains are working really, really, really fast right now -- will post details as details become apparent.

  • Birthmother is 22 years old

  • Birthfather is a 35 year old asshole -- location unknown. Legal steps are being taken to ensure that he has no claim to the child after birth

  • Due date is April 7

  • All signs point toward a healthy baby -- a slightly elevated pre-natal glucose level (but tnot to the level of gestational diabetes)

  • Birthmother is currently in West Virginia, but has had all pre-natal care in central PA and plans to give birth in central PA

  • Birthmother's mother is 100% supportive of her daughter's decision

  • Sex of the child is unknown at this time

  • Birthmother has not yet decided if she wants to meet Duffy or I right now


jbrinke said...


Stefani said...

i am so excited for both of you!!!! hooray baby!!!! woo hoo!!!!!

Barbara Batzer said...

Read the previous entry I made, I am so excited I posted my comment on the wrong entry. Love me

Becky and Paul said...

Yeah!!! We're so happy for you!!

Becky, Paul, and Zachary

The Benners (mostly Nikki) said...

Dibs on matchmaking with Jackson if the baby's a girl!

Duffy Batzer said...

I don't know, Nikki, he is going to have to fight Noah and David for her. And they have two years on him. Plus they can say Oda.

Mary Ann said...

Duffy, I am SO happy for you!!! I can feel the warmth of your beaming smile all the way in Mechanicsburg!! The absolute greatest gift you have ever received is on its way to you--talk re-birth on this first day of Spring. From one adoptive mom to another--our babies were not conceived below our hearts but within them.

Matt & Selena said...

Matt and I are so happy for you guys! We can't wait to meet the new Batzer baby. Hugs for you both!! Our loving thoughts are with you as you prepare for wonderful days ahead...get your sleep now (hehe).