Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Evening

So when these things come up, I give myself one evening/day to be miserable and self indulgent. The best thing is to get on with things. After John told me about his phone call with M, the other SW in our office (Who called at 9 PM which I was impressed with, thanks, M!), I laid on the couch and sulked. I called my mom and sulked and whined. I called my sister and sulked and whined some more. Then I made my lazy, grumpy butt get up and fold laundry. Then I decided I should at least pretend to do the reading for my class this weekend. There is a quiz after all. Then life takes over. Routine can be theraputic.
So today, while I am still sighing over being just Waiting again as opposed to WAITING, I am back to being more positive and knowing that each day is closer to an adoption even if that is two years away. They do happen. I know that. On the list serves there is a match at least once a week or two. But self indulgance in gloom can be healthy for short stints.
So we thought that the plane was finally going to take off. Turns out it just taxied to another runway.

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Marc said...

plus without the bad things in life you wouldn't really appreciate the good things in life.