Monday, October 6, 2008

Adding to John's last observation

John's is a good analogue. I just wanted to add that having a person to travel with can make all the difference. There is that moment when just the last thing has gone wrong, and it seems like it doesn't matter what is at the end. There is no end in sight. You will be sitting in this airport until The End Times. And you look at the person you are travelling with, and one of two things is going to happen. You are either going to start taking it out on each other, or explode in laughter that will eventually settle you down to reality.
Happily, and I am sure this is no surprise to anyone, John and I always seem to be able to do the latter.
So after every crisis moment, we settle back to watch a poorly edited movie and wait for our non-nut related snack which now costs $10.50.

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