Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Round #2 - Or is it all round one when there are many things goind on at once?

Again in the interest of full disclosure.....

There is something in the water in Delaware. Here is another situation in which we may be considered. A mother had a little girl yesterday. There are two potential fathers. One has washed his hands of the situation and gone back to his wife in California. The other man would like the parent the little girl if he is the father. They did a DNA swab, and the results will be available about the same time the baby would go home from the hospital.
OK, never in my life did I ever think I would be cheering for the deadbeat adulterer. I really admire the guy who will take responsibility for his actions. And I really kind of hate him too. And all any of this means is that another mother will be looking at us among the many.
I have to say this is a development I did not anticipate. I don't know if John did. I imagine he will chime in. I was ready for the waiting. And some more waiting. Followed, for a change of pace, by waiting. I was not ready for this knowing exactly what I was waiting on. This is almost torture. I won't go as far as to say exactly torture as eventually things will go my way. I just hope I am sane, and my spirit isn't broken by then.
Also, no word on round #1 yet. They haven't come into the office to view the profiles yet.


John said...

This is one of those situations that I did fear -- although most of the nightmares that I've had over a similar situation all centered around the birthfather asking for full parental rights after all was said and done.

Part of me is rooting for each side -- although, if birthfather #2 really wants to be a father, why does he care how the DNA test turns out?

Duffy Batzer said...

I imagine he doesn't want to be anyone's father. He wasn't looking to be a father, but if he is a father, he wants to be the dad.