Tuesday, July 15, 2008

House Updates

While those last two situations didn't pan out for us, we're not all that upset. The ups & downs are certainly there -- but we've reached a Zen-like phase -- when having a baby is right for us, it will happen. We are certain about this, so it's just difficult being patient sometimes.

On the house front, we have exciting news:

  1. In the nursery, Kim has started putting colors into the puppies -- as soon as that is all done, we'll have pictures of the end product up here
  2. The fence has been installed. For those of you who haven't been to the house, we have a pond in walking/tumbling distance from the back porch. This isn't a good thing with a toddler -- so, we have had a fence put in (as an added bonus, the dogs now can be let outside without having to put them on leashes)
  3. Duffy has removed all of the carpet from the stairs and painted the wood underneath (it looks much, much better).
  4. Jake has started sizing up how we're going to get the banister put up.

Other than that -- sill a waiting game.

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Barbara Batzer said...

Does patience come in pill form? Love ya, MOM