Monday, June 9, 2008

The Video

First, off-topic: I've been posting in this other font, just because it makes things a little clearer as to who is doing the posting. Should I change things up at all?

So, we have our video tomorrow night, and we really haven't done much in the way of what we want to say. The video should be between three and five minutes - I have a feeling we'll be on the shorter end of that spectrum.

  1. Introduction
    We are John & Duffy . . .
  2. Thank you for watching our video
    We feel like we've made it to the "Showcase Showdown" on The Price is Right
  3. Family the child will be living in
    We have our own petting zoo and a family army all within hailing distance . . .
  4. Racial environment that the child will be raised
    Carlisle is a very diverse town . . .
  5. How excited we are about becoming parents
  6. Website access for pictures / email exchanges / etc
    Should you want it, John would be happy to establish a password protected website that you can share with your family & friends and track the child as s/he grows up

That feels like it would be 3 minutes worth of blabbering - we'll see how things actually turn out. A note of etiquette, however. As I was writing my last point, what do we call the baby at this stage? To the birthmother, is it "your child", "the child", "our child", am I putting too much thought into this (I know it wouldn't be the first time)?

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