Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Things

Kim, our massage therapist, is also our nursery artist, and she started sketching out some of the puppies today. SO CUTE. We couldn't be happier with the direction she is going in. The puppies and floors should be done next week.

I have been looking at car seats and strollers, etc. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I think this is the car seat and stroller combo I want. Our friend, Lisa, recommended it. Car Seat
& Stroller Adapter. I am not sure about the pattern, I like the plan black better, but that is not on Target's web site.

And I want one of these t-shirts.
On the back it says,
“If you are neutral in a situation of injustice, you have chosen to side with the oppressor.” It is not, as some people might think, anti- white, but just a way to understand that all of us have privileges as human beings that everyone should have even though everyone does not. It is about awareness, not guilt. This picture is from The White Privilege Conference. At first that might make many of us feel defensive and worry about reverse racism, but as their motto states, "The focus of our fight is more and more 'for' something and less and less 'against' something." It also isn't just about race, but gender, orientation, class, etc. Read this Anti-Racist Parent blog entry for a great take on the idea of privilege as awareness, not guilt.


Allison said...

I do think the Graco seats and those stroller "frame" type things are the best. I think I am with Duffy and would go for an all black or gray carseat. As we discovered (the hard way) this is a much more economical idea than one the travel systems like we have.

Beast from the East said...

Ditto on loving the Graco Snug Ride seat. We have both a "regular" stroller and a frame. I didn't use the frame much with Wills, but have been using it almost exclusively with Colby - so easy!

Sam said...

I'm surprised Erin didn't comment on this, but I will. While nice, the Graco seats are a bee-otch to carry. I don't know if the ones with the parallel handles are any better. The seat seems nice and light until there's a big lump of baby in there and then it's like carrying a stack of bricks using only your forearm muscles (cause you have to hold it from the side). Anyway, just throwing some real world experience into this. It is nice to schlep them around in, no doubts there.