Thursday, November 27, 2008


I felt it appropriate to blog about what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving. It's something that this whole adoption process has brought me -- patience. I am somebody who sets out to do something and hopes to do it right then. It's a reason why long projects in the house don't always get done - I have a very hard time saying "ok, let me do a little bit now, and I'll do more later". No, it's always "now, now, now".

Well, there is no "now, now, now" in this adoption process. There isn't even a "then, then, then". There's a "maybe sometime, when the stars align". It is quite difficult for me to accept - but accept it I must. So, this Thanksgiving, in addition to support from friends and family, support from anonymous good wishers, prayers being sent our way, having the most wonderful wife in the whole wide world -- I am thankful for the patience that the adoption process has brought me.

But, I still have trouble starting projects about the house -- just because I won't be able to finish them that day :-)

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Barbara Batzer said...

I'm thankful for you and Duffy.