Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Steps (See it's funny ' Heh)

Well we finally slogged our way through the paperwork. Just like a regular pregnancy, the first three months were full of inconveniences, say morning sickness, with nothing to necessarily show for it. But it is done. I turned in everything at the agency Friday afternoon. The only thing we are still waiting for is John's FBI clearance to come through. (Thank you to all who sent in the reference letters.) I am sure we will end up with a call in a week telling us 12 things we neglected to complete and must do. If not, once John's FBI clearance goes through, we can set up the home study aka Alex cleans our house in only the way she can, and John must pick up his side of the bedroom and hope like heck that the big hole in the kitchen ceiling is already fixed. The social worker tries to play down the stringency of the home study, but no matter how laid back she tries to be, it is still a critique of our life. So expect the next update when that has been scheduled.
The other baby step we have made involved "the nursery". We are planning on redoing the floors in the room we plan on making into a nursery, the upstairs hall, the bathrooms, and the steps.
Of course this meant that I wanted to get the walls painted while we didn't have to care about drips. So while John was in route from England last Friday, I made a trip to Home Depot. While he sat in Dulles as his flight was delayed two hours, I painted what was know as the pink room a cheery yellow. I have to say there was something therapeutic about getting paint all over that pepto inspired Muppet pelt of a carpet. Poor John has to spend his first morning back painting the ceiling. Though John being John, it only took him half an hour.
I also found some rugs at Target that were fuzzy and fun, so I got them while I could. There are three: blue, purple, and green, in shades that I think going along well with the yellow. The next step is to find someone to paint some puppies and a tree on the wall. My massage therapist is a painter, so she will be the first person I go to. Oh and to get some puppy curtains (Cough, cough, Barbara ;-). The rest like a crib, changing table, etc, will wait until we have a more definite idea of when a live poop maker will be arriving. Other than the dogs that is.

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Robbin Miller said...

My husband and I have been waiting for four years now. We finally found a law firm in another state who can help us. We still have to have the homestudy done in our state and retain an atty. We are on the road again for the expectancy process of waiting that phone call that a baby is ready to come home with us after the birthmother picks us. We have learned a lot of the domestic and international processes and what parents have to do to find the way to adopt a baby.

New England